It is quite possible for the fat you loose after completing your Exilis radio frequency contouring and shaping to last a lifetime. The inches shed are secondary to the fat cell loosing its stability and thus breaking down and having its lipid content removed via the lymphatic's and hepatorenal system. Results con not be guaranteed since every patient responds uniquely. I found on the average a loss of 2” around the abdomen measured in the round and  1” on the extremities at the conclusion of the last treatment.

In order to maintain this loss in diameter one must maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes a diet low in fat, cholesterol and empty calories coupled with moderate exercise.


The skin tightening obtained during your Exilis radio frequency procedures is secondary to tissue collagen remodeling.  Unfortunately, we continue to age and thus must have maintenance therapy to have prolonged results. In general you can expect your skin tightening results to last for over a year. Unfortunately no guarantees can be given to the amount of skin tightening you obtain or the duration of these results.


Despite aggressive efforts there are times when science and medical technology can not overcome the natural aging process. The human body responds to external therapy uniquely thus no guaranties are made regarding the extent of change in body size, skin tightening and duration of results.

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